LMiC and LoRa – Creating a The Things Network (TTN) Node in Sydney, Australia

A few weekends ago I decided to create a test node for the The Things Network (TTN) gateway in Sydney and purchased a RFM95W 915MHz LoRa Transceiver module hoping to hook it up to an Arduino using a port of the LMiC (LoraWAN-in-C, formerly LoraMAC-in-C) framework provided by IBM. In my haste I didn’t realise most libraries didn’t support the Australian frequency.

Tip – If you don’t want to use LMiC you should look at a LoRaWAN module. These basically integrate a LoRa transceiver with a microcontroller for the LoRaWAN protocol. I believe the most common module (pre-programmed with the Australian frequencies) is the Multitech mDot LoRaWAN module (http://www.multitech.com/models/94557148LF )

After a few trials and tribulations I managed to cobble together a very rough node with sensor from the limited parts I had on hand.

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