Short day hikes surrounding Thimphu, Bhutan

For those fortunate enough to end up living in Thimphu, Bhutan or if your travel allows for some extra days to explore, here are a few gpx files of shorter day walks that are easy to fit into a weekend that I found on my phone.

Disclaimer: Some of the gpx files captured only portions of the hikes due to intermittent GPS signal and some have substantial bush bashing prior to finding the actual trails. So user beware!

There are many more day hikes than those listed here. I would recommend reading the online pdf ‘Mild and Mad Day Hikes around Thimpu’ by Piet van der Poel and Rogier Gruys.

Walk through Jigme Dorji National Park to Cheri Gompa Monastery approx 2890m gpx

Walk to Tango Goemba approx 2950m gpx

A short weekend walk to the music cave on outskirts of Thimphu of approx. 2500m gpx

Day walk up to BBS Radio Tower then onto Chhokhortse Goenpa approx 3000m gpx

Day walk up to BBS Radio Tower then a loop to Wangditse Lhakhang (under restoration) gpx

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LMiC and LoRa – Creating a The Things Network (TTN) Node in Sydney, Australia

A few weekends ago I decided to create a test node for the The Things Network (TTN) gateway in Sydney and purchased a RFM95W 915MHz LoRa Transceiver module hoping to hook it up to an Arduino using a port of the LMiC (LoraWAN-in-C, formerly LoraMAC-in-C) framework provided by IBM. In my haste I didn’t realise most libraries didn’t support the Australian frequency.

Tip – If you don’t want to use LMiC you should look at a LoRaWAN module. These basically integrate a LoRa transceiver with a microcontroller for the LoRaWAN protocol. I believe the most common module (pre-programmed with the Australian frequencies) is the Multitech mDot LoRaWAN module ( )

After a few trials and tribulations I managed to cobble together a very rough node with sensor from the limited parts I had on hand.

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Clean Slate
In an attempt to clean up multiple blogs I have decided to make my predominate posting location for random ‘collectables’ moving forward. Please ignore posts prior to this, as I will neither confirm or deny they were purely designed to test out some search tools.

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