Convert DVDs for iTunes, iPhone, iPad & iPod

This post aims to share with you how to convert DVDs for iTunes, so you can watch your favourite movies and TV series on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

I am an avid traveller, and in years gone by airlines with legs departing to/from Australia were notorious for their lack of Video on Demand (VOD)/inflight entertainment systems. Or more often than not these systems (consistently plagued with glitches) played with my fickle emotions by promising all the new movie releases I could dream of, only to leave me starring at a blank screen for eight hours. Learning how to convert DVDs to iPhone saved me from these emotionally charged moments in time.

Also being a TV series junkie I have found being able to convert my DVD box sets onto my iPhone, has also assisted motivation levels in making perennial trips to the gym.

Disclaimer: Some media companies and organisations (AFACT [Australia], MPAA [United States]) are of the position that you can’t legally copy or convert commercial DVDs for any reason. The law seems somewhat ambiguous on this position at this point in time, however as a general rule of thumb if you own the DVD, think before you convert. If you don’t rightfully own the DVD than it is a lot more clear cut and you shouldn’t be contemplating converting.)

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